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The is the best thing that has worked on my daughter's eczema and its the only thing that has worked on my husband's athlete's foot!

This is the best tattoo aftercare product I have ever used, hands down!!! It holds the color, it soaks in quickly, cuts the healing time.

I think it works faster than Neosporin!

I was given salve to use on a severe black bruise that took up much of my thigh. The next morning the bruise was 75% gone and what was left was just a small patch of light purple.

My large landscape tattoo became infected. I was using crutches due to pain and the sloshing in my leg. Four hours after using the salve the first time I walked without crutches. The next day the swelling decreased a significant amount and the pain was reduced. You could recognize the black charred infection as a tattoo by the next day. The salve helped with the pain, swelling, and healing of my skin and muscle underneath.